Interlocking Stone


Interlocking stone can be used for driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks and more! The benefits include an abundance of patterns, low maintenance, and a high degree of seasonal flexibility. Interlocking stone comes in a wide variety of colours, shapes and patterns, and can be custom cut to pretty much any design pattern. Creative design combinations are endless with the large variety of textures and colours now available.

Concrete tends to crack as the earth underneath it shifts, and need replacing or resurfacing every few years, interlocking stone can last a lifetime with little or no maintenance.
Interlocking stone dates back to Roman times. You can still see remnants of the old Roman roads throughout Europe today.

The elegant style of interlocking stone adds a touch of luxury to any home at a fraction of the cost of flagstone or natural stone. Creating beautiful interlocking stone designs, our level of service and expertise is second to none.

Over the years we have attained our expertise and perfected our techniques, enabling us to provide the utmost level of satisfaction in all the work we do.

Our custom designs are tailored just for you! We will design your interlocking stone project to fit your needs, preferences and budget. Our goal is to have our customers “All Smiles” when our job is complete.

Selecting our company to complete your interlock work will guarantee you as another proud customer of our quality workmanship.

401 Group is ready to provide you with a variety of residential interlocking services. Our team of highly skilled professionals produce beautiful results time and time again. All our work is backed by a two-year guarantee.

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